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We are committed to providing quality care supported by the highest standards of education, training and credentials.  We love to learn and are continuously looking for additional ways to help our clients.

We partner with you and collaborate with other health and wellness professionals, to ensure that you have the best possible care and options.


We listen to your health needs, work to evaluate and treat the source of pain and discomfort, and provide you with knowledge and resources to promote health  and well-being.

We are dedicated to healing, health and wellness while honoring and respecting each person’s humanity and individuality. 

We strive to provide therapeutic & integrative massage as an affordable and accessible treatment option for everyone - affordable and accessible even in the absence of extended health care benefits. 

Allison is a life long learner, passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience helping others in healing and wellness.  Living an active outdoor life with her family, horses and her dog Walter .

She has a broad range of experience in Therapeutic Massage and Manual Therapies and with trauma.


She graduated from the 2200 hr massage program at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in Calgary AB (2010) and has 10 years of post grad continuing education

Standard education requirements included comprehensive studies in health sciences such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology and neuroanatomy.

Allison’s experience extends to specialized populations such as Pregnancy and Post Natal, Pre & Post Operative patients, Fibromyalgi, MS, Lupus, Lymphedema and Breast Cancer, Women’s Health. 

As well as specialized populations with PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion, Trauma, Grief, and Addictions Recovery.

Craniosacral Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Hot Stones are often included in each treatment to create a powerful partnership for healing.

Like other professionals, Allison has mandatory ongoing continuing education requirements including a code of ethics, standards of practice that must be adhered to in accordance with the Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance.

You can be assured of a professional, safe, competent and proactive approach to your care. 

Life Coaching/ Grief Recovery Specialist

Truly You life Coaching 

Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance - only massage associations, who respect the highest standards of education, training and on-going professional development can be considered for membership in the CRMTA.

Professional associations affiliated with the CRMTA ​ accept a minimum education equivalent of a diploma(2200 hrs) or higher, through accredited universities or colleges, and must adhere to strict standards as administered by their professional associations.  We follow the professional standards of practice of the Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance (crmta), Lymphology Association of North America (lana), Society for Oncology Massage (s4om), Academy of Lymphatic Studies (acols), Upledger ( Institute )