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Allison's commitment to 10 years of continuing education and attaining further manual therapy certifications has prepared her to be able to provide a variety of treatment options and modalities for her clients including: 

  • Advanced Orthopedic Massage Certification (Seminars for Health)
  • Dynamic Cupping (Seminars for Health)
  •  Hot/cold stone therapy 
  • Deep tissue therapy
  • Soft tissue release
  •  Trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy
  •  Myofascial release (Barnes) 
  • Cranio sacral Therapy, (Upledger)
  • Lymphatic therapy:  Lymphedema Therapy Complete Decongestive , Manual Lymphatic Drainage  (Academy of Lymphatic Studies) ACOLS, Vodder) (Chickly Institute).
  • Reiki Level 2
  •  Grief Recovery, Personal Coaching

Allison has a broad range of experience starting  with her first practice in a chiropractic office in a petroleum industry community. 

Here she attained her advanced orthopedic massage certification (Seminars for Health) in order to serve her clients employed in trades /physical labour & high stress work environments.  

Allison completed oncology massage, advanced level lymphatic drainage and lymphedema therapist certifications  to care for her very special breast cancer clients. (Tracy Walton ,Boston MA); Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS, Tampa, Fl).


Her treatment experience and skills were enhanced further after spending 18 months in a mountain resort community practicing sports and sports recovery massage to both winter and summer athletes.

Allison also has experience with specialized populations such as pre and post natal, pre & post operative patients, fibromyalgi, MS, lupus, lymphedema and breast cancer,  women’s health as well as specialized populations with ptsd, trauma, and addictions recovery.

Her  passion is helping others in whole person wellness and healing.   Allison noticed in her early years in her massage practice,  the relationship between physical dysfunction,  pain and healing  and the relationship with stress-  both physically and emotionally.   This led her to continue her education with osteopathic modalities of Craniosacral therapy and Lymphatics and to include supporting and coaching in trauma and grief recovery.   

Allison integrates all of her skills and knowledge to better serve your therapeutic needs in treatment of soft-tissue dysfunction, pain and injuries often caused by lifestyle factors, repetitive strain, occupation, illness, sports , trauma and stress.