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What Our Clients Are Saying 

What our customers are saying

October 2018

My massage with Allison was wonderful. She's very friendly and you immediately feel comfortable with her.  She's such a fantastic therapist and she is very professional.  You can tell this is her passion as it shows in her work and her knowledge in her field.  I totally recommend her to anyone !

Sarah J

July 2018

I was experiencing extreme discomfort due to an injury to my ribcage and subsequent spasms. Allison recognized the injury and set to work to alleviate the pain. The relief was almost immediate as Allison’s healing hands are magical. She is calm, reassuring, and focused during her therapy. She also discussed options for further massage treatment and adjunct therapy. I highly recommend Allison as a manual therapist to anyone!

Kathy Fisher 


August 2018

 It was heaven. Allison has soft and strong hands that feel exactly how much pressure each part of your body needs. 

Without telling her anything she gave each area the attention that was needed. She has a natural Intuition and is very professional and kind.

She makes you feel very relaxed, talking or silence...everything is possible. If she was living in my area I for sure would visit here for a massage regularly...not only for medical reasons but just as a gift to myself. 

Nicole Loeffen - Europe, the Netherlands


July 22, 2016

I have been a patient of Allison McGrath for the past three years and highly recommend her range of massage services. My first issue a couple of years ago was a very painful sciatic nerve problem, but after a month of treatment, with Allison’s massages I was able to sit without pain. I maintained monthly appointments up to June, 2016 with Allison for remedial (clinical) massage to prevent it from happening again and to aid in my health maintenance.

I also have issues with a sore neck and the massages alleviate this as well on a monthly basis.

On February 22, 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy and radiation. Following my return to work in June, 2015, and during my first massage treatment with Allison, I was very pleased to learn that she was specially trained in certified lymphedema therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, scar treatment therapy and breast massage. Allison indicated she took this specialized training in the United States as she had patients diagnosed with breast cancer. 

One of the things the Cross Cancer Institute emphasized was to watch out for lymphedema (swelling of the arm) and to know Allison’s monthly treatment would assist in the lymphatic drainage was very comforting to me. I feel very lucky to have found a  therapist with many skills and who has a wonderful personality and interacts well with her clients. Her caring attitude after my cancer diagnosis and her training have aided in my recovery. I am now cancer free and will greatly miss my monthly appointments with Allison.

Anne Himschoot, Ashmont AB